Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM



United Brothers Club is a humble endeavor of a few football enthusiasts who strive to keep this dicipline in the forefront while promoting the same in the nooks and corners of Assam. It is the apassion of the ones involved with this club that has made UBC a premier nonprofit sports organization based in Guwahati that propels it onwards to spread the spirit of sports all around.

We can reach talent hinned in any corner of the state where football is still a way of life and a passion that ignites younf souls. The endeavour is led by a group of dynamic men, gathered for the cause of football, united in the spirit of the game for the last 8 years and still continuing. We solemnly pledge to bring back the game among the people and promote it to new heights. The process has already been kicked off and the ball driven home on quite a few occassions.


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.


To facilitate an environment where sports becomes a way of life among all citizens is our mission. In the last three years we have accomplished what we have initially set out to, both in the fields of sports and social service. Meaningful involvement of all sections of society is what we speak and we are totally committed to achieve this larger aim through various sporting activities. A healthy society is what we want to establish and shall make every effort to mobilize the masses for the attainment of this goal.


  • Mr Pranay Bordoloi
  • - President
  • Mr. Shiwaji Pd. Jaiswal
  • - Vice President
  • Mr. Dhiraj Dutta
  • - General Secretary
  • Niloy Bhattacharjee
  • - Jt. Secretaty
  • Ganesh Sharma
  • - Asst. Secretaty
  • Rituraj Bhagawati
  • - Tresurer
  • Dilip Pathak
  • - Executive Member